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Read reviews that mention historical romance burroughs grant scotland heroine hero leanne scottish tale english tory heart blackstone romantic castle victoria drummond hall romances. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. I didn't find either Tory or Grant, the two main characters, particularly compelling. Tory, at age 17, has endured far more abuse and hatred in her life than is believable.

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Grant doesn't treat her much better after taking her prisoner, even allowing his drunken best friend to nearly rape her on the dining tables in the main hall in front of his clan, who also hate her. Except for a few demands that Grant release her, Tory quietly and efficiently completes all of her chores under brutal conditions, and at the same time does things that eventually win members of the clan onto her side.

I had trouble swallowing the fact that a clan would leave Annie, a very young orphan girl, living on her own with no known home or means of being fed or obtaining clothing. The incident with Michael was baffling to me and I scanned back through the book trying to figure out who he was. He was introduced as though he were someone the reader should be famililar with.

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It wasn't until I continued reading on that I finally understood this was his first appearance in the book. Most, if not all, of the misunderstandings and strife that occurs between Tory and Grant, does so because they don't communicate by asking for simple clarification. Finally, I found the extraordinary number of typos including the wrong title at the top of every other page, and once referring to Tory as "Catherine", the heroine of her next book very distracting.

While I didn't find this story so bad it wasn't worth finishing, I also didn't find it particularly engaging. It isn't something I would read again. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. Chocolate in Scotland in? Chocolate came from the "New World" to Spain in the 16th century.

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Or is theirs a love to last through the ages? England and Scotland Unite! The year is and such treatment is automatically bypassed when political and financial benefits accrue through such arranged marriages.

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But what does one do with an independent-minded woman like Victoria who is refusing to cooperate and whose beloved grandmother's protection cannot help her here? Grant Drummond is about to avenge the death of his father, as well as numerous others slaughtered on the orders of King Edward. Grant is raging with revenge and attacks, afterward kidnapping Victoria. Both of their lives are about to change as they wed and must adjust to their passion and overcome their painful distrust fashioned from years of historical animosity.

Misunderstandings frequently fraught their relationship such as the secrets Grant hides. More than one character is living with a history of being unwanted, and this novel goes a long way to depicting the healing that can occur. At the same time Grant is joining William Wallace in the fight for Scottish freedom.

Irony indeed that laces the history of England and Scotland. Very nicely done, Leanne Burroughs!

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Burroughs has penned a majestic tale filled with romance, history and adventure. Mary Heath Stubbs, op. It was not unusual in women's organizations of the time to have male treasurers and finance committees and the Women's Social and Political Union, for example, had a male treasurer, Frederick Pethick-Lawrence. A newspaper cutting described the new hostel in the following terms, 'the building is extremely well-planned; there are bathrooms on almost every floor and domestic offices with newest contrivances for minimising labour. On the main floor there is a spacious hall for social gatherings, lectures, and entertainments, sitting-rooms for members and the lady principal's special sanctum.

There is a list of lodges included in Mary Heath-Stubbs' history of the GFS, but it is not clear whether they all provided accommodation. I started out of the house that day, after having only been there for five months, with nothing but my mother's Bible, and a few little things tied up in a handkerchief.

The season was over, and I was homeless, penniless, and with only the clothes I walked in Lucy Luck, straw-plait maker, c. Women may have.

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For more in-depth. All these factors meant that women's homelessness was considered to be. Insecurity and frequent movement. The distinction between the nomadic life and the settled one was by no means hard and fast. Tramping was not the prerogative of the social outcast as it is today; it was a normal phase in the life of entirely respectable classes of working men; it was a frequent resort of the out-of-. She went on however to say, 'it's the winter that sickens me' 25 The fact.

If the definition of homelessness presents problems, the quantification of it is equally. The only figures at which we arrive is that the number of persons with no settled home and no visible means of subsistence probably reaches, at times of trade depression, as high a total as 70, or 80,, while in times of industrial activity as in it might not exceed 30, or 40 26 , This broad estimate emphasised not only the cyclical nature of homelessness and its. It is difficult to. The Royal Commission.

Nearly the equivalent of what the prison authorities construe as a sentence of a week's imprisonment. But the habitual inmate of a Casual Ward, prefers a sentence of imprisonment to the severity of the more vigorous wards. Indeed, the conclusion of the Royal Commission on the Poor Laws'.

enter Vagrants were characterised as 'vile and troublesome, i42ithieves and prostitutes', The reports were as scathing about women casual. From the vagrant wards at Liverpool. In other words, women. The inference is that women and children sleep elsewhere, and this has been confirmed by counts which from time to time have been made of the vagrant population as a whole.

These counts show far larger proportions of women and children than is found in Poor Law returns. She discovered:. Bedding of straw-filled canvas bags laid in wooden troughs, crawling with vermin in overcrowded, ill-ventilated wards; a single latrine bucket in the ward, with women queuing all night with cramps and diarrhoea; [ was the time of a national cholera epidemic] no washing facilities, soap or towels; skilly and almost inedible black bread as a meal; and the oakum task interrupted by women picking vermin off their clothes and bodies We are inclined to accept the view that the question of female vagrants is comparatively unimportant and if the men are removed, the women and children will soon disappear from the roads.

Without the men, the women will find it easy to maintain themselves, and their case will present little difficulty. It is not clear whether women were considered 'comparatively unimportant' because. Mary Higgs as to the unsatisfactory treatment of female casuals. Most of the provision was for men, but there. Wen the lady and gen'lm'n as keeps the Hotel first begun business, they used to make the beds on the floor; but this wou! So now they has two ropes, bout six foot apart, and three from the floor, which goes right down the room; and the beds are made of slips of coarse sacking, stretched across them At six o'clock every morning they lets go the ropes at one end, Consequence is, that being thoroughly waked, they get up very quietly, and walk away!

The DCV. The precarious position of women in cheap lodging houses is. Number 8 [Parker Street] is a lodging house for women. An underground room, reached by stairs from the entrance passage, serves as the common kitchen and is about eleven feet by thirteen feet. In this room is a large red hot coke fire, and round about are rough tables and benches. Here at times may be seen about twenty women with matted hair, and face and hand most filthy, whose ragged clothing is stiff with accumulation of beer and dirt, their underclothing, if they have any at all, swarming with vermin.

Many of them are often drunk. These women are thieves, beggars and prostitutes. If any woman from the country is unfortunate enough to come amongst them she will surely be robbed of all that can be taken from her, and then, unfit for anything else, may fall to the level of the rest.