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Fundamentals of Budget Process

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Key Topics:. Learn the federal budget process from formulation to execution Identify key budget terms, requirements, and procedures Identify the roles and responsibilities of key budget management officials Describe the roles and responsibilities of key budget supporting organizations Know NIH budget support mechanisms, people, and systems that aid in budget execution Recognize the different roles Administrative and Budget Officers play at the NIH Learn strategies for projecting budgets and analyzing obligations 8 CLPs.

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Government versus private sector budgeting

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Introduction to the Federal Budget Process

Leave this field blank. Since a Budget Resolution does not become law, Congress has procedures that allow it to waive the requirements of an approved resolution. Importantly, the Budget Resolution sets the overall level of discretionary spending for the fiscal year. This funding is provided to the Appropriations Committees in the House and Senate, which then allocate funds to their 12 subcommittees. The appropriations subcommittees determine the level of funding that is provided to the federal departments and agencies under their jurisdiction. For a more detailed review of the federal budget process, see a report prepared by the Congressional Research Service entitled Introduction to the Federal Budget Process.

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