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Ask the companies how much it costs to get started, and inquire about the training they offer. You will also benefit from the brand recognition of a franchise such as Molly Maids. You can usually start a cleaning business with a vacuum cleaner, floor and window cleaners, dust mops and rags, paper towels and garbage bags. You can decide if you want to clean outside windows or carpet. You can usually rent steam carpet cleaners from retailers that offer those services.

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Squeegees work well on outside windows. Create your own invoices on your computer. Purchase accounting software so you can keep track of revenue and expenses. Create a flier for your cleaning business. Include all your services and prices on the flier.

For example, you can list prices for individual services, or charge by the square foot. Distribute the fliers door-to-door in residences near your home. Cleaning yourself also allows you to ease into your new business, taking the pressure off finding a long list of customers right away to keep employees busy. These are exciting future steps that can follow your original plan to handle cleaning jobs yourself.

A simple dress code of all black, or dark pants and a coloured tee pick your favourite! Achieve an extra layer of polish, that will also keep your color-coordinated uniform cleaner longer, by wearing an apron. The key is to be consistent with your uniform. If your clients see you in the same look each time you interact, your professional image will have a much better impact than if you were to show up to their homes in random graphic tees plastered in logos.

Continuing on from our uniform pointers, a client is more likely to refer a business with a professional image to their friends and family members. You can even offer them a discount off their next clean if they refer a friend. Word of mouth is a powerful customer generation tool, so be sure your service is on point to keep your customers raving about your business. Remember that your customers hire you to make their lives easier, and you can ensure your customers are satisfied by tailoring your service to their needs.

They might appreciate small touches like elegantly folded toilet paper ends.

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Taking the time to discuss these details with your client can make or break an ongoing customer relationship, and set you apart from the competition. Our free Client Profile Template can help you collect and manage this information.

Our free Branding Toolkit can help you through this process. You might choose a name that plays off your values e. Having a designer create a logo for your business also adds to your professional look.

10 Ways To Get More Clients For Your Cleaning Business

Setting up a Facebook page for your business is a free way to establish an online presence. Go a step further and claim the social media handles for your business name on Twitter, Instagram, and any other key sites, so that you have them ready if and when you decide to use them. Government websites often offer helpful resources for new business owners. Get insurance for your company. Find out if you need a license or if you need to get bonded, and do so if necessary [source: FabJob ].

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Set up a bank account for your business. Meet with an accountant to find out how to run the financial part of the business. Set up an office.

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You might want to find out whether zoning ordinances and land restrictions allow you to run the business out of your home [source: Home Business Center ]. Print up business cards and marketing materials. Advertise your business to get customers.