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Such a danger should never altogether discourage a brave democrat. But it should remind him that in a supposed democracy this method too has risks—even if it succeeds. Latin America is still coming to terms with democracy.

Half a biography of Fujimori

Much of it has seen generations of, at best, autocracy, or decades of fierce military rule. The ballot-box is not so secure an institution that one can lightly kick out by other means those whom it has brought to office. That is what happened in Ecuador this year, when the newly elected President Abdala Bucaram was bundled out under the thin disguise of a congressional vote based on his alleged insanity.

It is what Nicaragua's Sandinists hope to do to President Arnoldo Aleman, though they dream of cloaking the power of the street in a referendum. His offence?

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He defeated them in an election, and they dislike his policies. In Argentina, the standing of President Carlos Menem has fallen dramatically, amid all manner of charges against his regime. There, as in Peru, the temptation to mobilise demonstrators millions-strong to give him the push is growing. Better first to use other methods, legal and constitutional, to restrain the abuses and expose the truth of them, if any. The mob may look like a handy cudgel. It is just as likely to prove a boomerang.

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June: Fujimori comes out a pack of presidential candidates to beat novelist Mario Vargas Llosa in a runoff presidential election with 57 percent of the vote. Vargas Llosa ran a free-market, pro-business campaign while Fujimori garnered the votes of most center and left voters. Fujimori promised that he would not institute drastic economic measures as demanded by the International Monetary Fund. July Fujimori succeeds President Alan Garcia who left behind a bankrupt government and hyperinflation. Fujimori does not have a congressional majority.

He forms a broadly based coalition government that includes centrist and left wing politicians. Fujimori hires a shadowy, former Army capitan and lawyer, Vladimiro Montesinos, as his security advisor.

Alberto Fujimori of Peru

August 8: The first measure of economic shock therapy applied, when the government ends all subsidies and prices quadruple. March The second stage of shock therapy is implemented. Sweeping privatization launched, borders are opened. April 5: A presidential "coup d'etat" auto-golpe takes place.

Early life and pre-political career

With the backing of the military, Fujimori suspends the Constitution and dissolves parliament, which has refused to support his reforms. He takes advantage of a groundswell of disgust with the traditional political parties. May-August: Political situation turns dicey as Sendero insurgents intensify urban offensive with bombings in Lima, wave of brazen assassination and armed strike.

The La Cantuta disappearances are the best-researched incident of death squads operating under the auspices of the government intelligence system. The breakthrough gives Fujimori the political support to overcome opposition protest and international pressure. December A new constitution introducing a unicameral parliament and a presidential system of government is adopted.

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February Spanish telecommunications company Telefonica buys Peru's national telephone company. Major influx of investment from abroad fuels economy. January Hostilities with Ecuador break out over Ecuador's longstanding claims on Amazon territory. A Peruvian border post in the Amazon region is fired at by an Ecuadorian army unit. March 9: Fujimori wins a second presidential term with more than 64 percent of the vote, defeating former UN secretary general Javier Perez de Cuellar.

Political parties in disarray. His party does not win a seat in the new Congress.

The President who Dared to Dream

July Peru signs agreement with the International Monetary Fund to finance the restructuring of its economy. August A law allowing Fujimori to interpret the constitution in a way that would make it possible for him to run for a third consecutive term in office is adopted. December Tupac Amaru rebels take hostages at the Japanese ambassador's residence during a reception attended by about guests. April Elite army troops put an end to the hostage crisis.

Intv with wife of former Peruvian president Alberto Fujimori

Seventy-four hostages are freed, two soldiers and one hostage killed during the operation. Thank you for your feedback. See Article History. Early life and pre-political career Fujimori, the son of Japanese immigrants, earned a degree in agronomic engineering from the National Agrarian University in Lima Facts Matter. Start Your Free Trial Today. Learn More in these related Britannica articles:. His support among the European-descended coastal elite was not enough to defeat Fujimori, the son of Japanese immigrants and an agricultural engineer. Much of…. Toledo led the same party in the presidential race.

This time, the smear tactics used by the Fujimori camp against the other candidates unwittingly paved the way for Toledo. Toledo withdrew from the runoff in protest and launched a….

Alberto Fujimori - Rise and Fall

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